I had acupuncture for many years, but I began to feel stuck and questioned whether the treatment was helping. When I heard about the People’s Acupuncture Project I thought, why not give it a go. I have had treatment with Charlotte for 2 months and I am definitely feeling the benefit. After my first session, I felt a shift in my emotional state and I began to notice a lift in my energies. I feel I am beginning a new level of healing and in particular, I think that five element acupuncture is working on a deep integral level. I find Charlotte’s gentle, compassionate approach really puts me at ease, so I can relax and get the most out of treatment. I feel listened to by Charlotte and treated with respect and care. I am really pleased that it is affordable as it means I can keep coming for longer. I was unsure what having treatment in a multi-bed clinic would be like. However, the atmosphere is calm and conducive to relaxing. I like having treatment in a room with other people; it makes healing a shared experience.

By Anna, 2013

I chose Acupuncture to try to induce the labour of my son as I was nine days over due and wanted to try a unobtrusive method to get things started. The Peoples Acupuncture Project was a perfect choice for me, it’s affordable and I felt totally at ease and comfortable in the multi bed room, it was a peaceful experience and I didn’t feel like the other clients were an intrusion on my own treatment at all and visa versa. As this was my first time I was surprised at how relaxing it was, I felt totally at ease with the ladies that run the clinic and practise the treatment. the Acupuncture treatment is quite painless, I was so relaxed after and I feel like it defiantly worked because my waters broke the following day! saving me from having to be induced. It was such a relief to finally go into labour, its no fun being that heavily pregnant! I look forward to going again for some follow up treatment and would defiantly recommend the people’s Acupuncture project to other ‘over due’ mums looking to gently encourage labour.

By Izzy, 2013