Acupuncture Awareness Week: Acupuncture for Sports Injuries

7-13 March is Acupuncture Awareness Week!

Our focus this year is on how acupuncture can help sports injuries. Acupuncture is a fantastic treatment for muscular-skeletal pain and injuries sustained from sport (or any other reason!). We see all kinds of injuries in clinic, they are some of the most common things we treat, and they respond really successfully to treatment.

Olympian Rebecca Addlington is a great fan of acupuncture and uses it to help with injuries and performance. watch the video above to hear her talk about how acupuncture helps her.

To find out more have a look here at our fact sheet on how acupuncture can help sports injuries:

fact sheet - sports injuries

Or feel free to get in touch to talk about how acupuncture could help your injury


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