Acupuncture Outperforms Migraine Drug

A recent study has found that acupuncture performs better than valproic acid in the prevention of migraine pain. Valproic acid is often prescribed as a migraine preventative.

The study, by the Department of Neuroscience at The University of Padova, Italy, showed that patients given acupuncture experienced lower pain intensity and needed to use less painkillers (Rizatriptan) at six-months follow-up compared to those that were given the drug. They also experienced no side effects.

The study can be seen here:

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Happy Chinese new year!

Post image for 2013: The Year Of The Water Snake

This is the year of the Water Snake. Whereas last year was the year of the dragon, this year will be quieter and calmer. The snake is said to be the yin to the dragon’s yang. Snakes are wise, logical, intuitive, introspective, collected and steadfast.

Snakes can be rattled easily by sudden stresses. It is best to avoid becoming rushed and overwhelmed in the Year of the Snake. Peace, tranquillity, moderate exercise and rest will provide strength this year. The Snake seeks protection and needs to feel safe and secure to function most efficiently.  Be sure to make your important decisions from a comfortable and unthreatened space, when the snake lashes out it is at its most vulnerable.

Water plays a prevalent role in 2013, and this element is one that shapes us. It provides calm and serenity, and like a river it nurtures us and forges new paths of discovery. Water’s influence on the snake makes this year a good time to take on new things, educate yourself and open up new doorways. Preparation and careful planning is very important. It is a good year to pay attention to fine details.

2013 will be a year to take chances, make new discoveries and truly flourish. Embrace the boldness of the water snake and live this year to its fullest!


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We are Open!

Our opening day on 4 July was a great success. We were fully booked and had a fantastic energy and atmosphere in the room.  After a lot of hard work we came away with big smiles on our faces and we are enormously excited about the future of the project.

Enormous thanks to Tom Hirons, an acupuncture student, who is kindly volunteering his time to the project. we couldn’t have done it without his help.


A little revolution in Exeter: Affordable community acupuncture