How much should I pay?

We operate on a sliding-scale payment model which gives you the choice to pay what you can afford.

Our rates are:

First treatment (1 hour, full diagnosis and treatment)         £30 – £50

Follow up treatments (update on progress and treatment) £20 – £40

The sliding scale makes some people uneasy. We’re used to being told exactly how much something costs, so it can be uncomfortable to have to decide how much a service is worth to you.

The sliding-scale system is offered to make acupuncture affordable, but it’s also about encouraging people to take ownership for their health. How much you pay is entirely up to you, which allows you to budget according to how often you want to get treatments. No one is going to judge you if you pay on the lower end. In fact we would prefer it if you paid the minimum and were able to continue having treatment for as long as you needed it.

The sliding scale is in place to lessen, not add to, the emotional stress that so many of us have around keeping ourselves healthy. So let it go and pay what you will! Embrace the freedom and flexibility of this unfamiliar and empowering payment system.