Sam Hargreaves BSc Dip Ac

I qualified in 2007 from the Northern College of Acupuncture and have over 13 years of clinical practice. I run a private clinic in Teignmouth and I co-founded The Acupuncture Works community multi-bed clinic in Manchester. I have extensive experience in running and treating clients in the multi-bed clinic setting.

I have undertaken post-graduate training with some of the world’s leading acupuncture practitioners and incorporate a number of acupuncture styles and techniques into sessions. My focus is on relieving symptoms quickly and looking at how stress, emotions and trauma impact on the body’s health.

I have undertaken training in somatic bodywork and breath work. I also work deeply with Polyvagal Theory and how our natural flight, flight and freeze body responses effects the nervous system and health.

I have practised Daoist Qi Gong, yoga and tantra practices for over 19 years. I live in Devon and am a semi-professional musician playing mandolin and percussion in various bands.