About us

Eleanor & Charlotte in Anandanagar, West Bengal

The People’s Acupuncture Project are acupuncturists Sam Hargreaves and Samantha Roderick (Yes we know 2 Sam’s can get confusing!)


The People’s Acupuncture Project was born in July 2012, shortly after founders Charlotte and Eleanor returned from West Bengal in India where they had been volunteering in a free community acupuncture clinic. Seeing how this method of healthcare transformed the community of the small rural Indian village, They felt inspired to create something similar back home.

In the years since, the team has changed and grown. Charlotte and Eleanor have both taken breaks to have families. Pippa Brown and Tom Hirons have both been at the clinic for long lengths of time and brought their expertise and experience to the project. Sam Hargreaves and Samantha Roderick are the practitioners currently running the project.

Community multibed acupuncture is growing in the UK, and we are proud to be part of a movement that is bringing affordable accessible acupuncture to those that need it. We are members of the Association of Community and Multibed Clinics (ACMAC) which is working hard to help this movement. If you know someone who would benefit from regular acupuncture, you can find a local community clinic on ACMACs website