Acupressure workshop for natural and effective labour pain relief

Acupressure pregnancy

Date: Weds 15th May, 6.30pm – 8pm

Venue: Exeter Community Centre, 17 St David’s Hill, Exeter, EX4 3RG

Cost: £20 per couple

A small group workshop for expectant mothers and their birthing partners to learn a selection of acupressure points useful in labour. The birthing partner will discover how they can be of great use and support during the birthing process.

These techniques can help promote the start of labour, offer pain relief, reduce nausea, help the baby descend, and be calming for the mother. Acupressure can be used anywhere so is useful for home, birthing centre or hospital births and can be done in many positions even in birthing pools which makes it an essential tool for any mother-to-be. It can be used on its own or alongside other pain relief methods and it makes the birthing partner an active part of the process.

The workshop will last 1.5hrs, include tea and a comprehensive acupressure booklet.

You will learn really useful acupressure points, how to locate them, when to use them and you will leave feeling prepared and confident to incorporate acupressure into labour when the time comes.

Booking essential. Contact us to book and for more information